Thursday, October 31, 2013


Someone gave me a hard time last weekend about having claimed to be psychic.  Besides mild irritation, because I have not (nor would I) ever declared myself "psychic," this denunciation brought up some thoughts that I thought I would share.

I began this blog with the thought that if I, a very linear and logical person, could develop a seer's capacity, then probably most people could do the same.  The blog itself is actually an exploration into concrete aspects of the practice.  

There, I've said it.  It's a PRACTICE.  

We live in a cold and rational world, and people in general try to restrict themselves to that sort of "thinking" way of being.  However, that is by no means the only technology with which to experience the world.  A useful comparison might be that of the very small range of electromagnetic radiation that can be directly experienced by the human eye (370 to 780 nm or so) compared with the whole of the known EM spectrum, from gamma rays to radio waves.  It goes without saying that humans can readily see the visible spectrum easily, but the remainder of all radiation can be detected using sensors to relay the information to the eyes and then to the mind.  Therefore, we can "sense" the entire EM spectrum, if we have the right technology.

Seership is something like that.  Want to open yourself to different realms?  The mystical realms are yours to explore.  There are the ways that take less effort, such as entheogens and alcohol.  There are physical ways, like exercise and sex.  There are ways that have been documented by mystics throughout time, such as trance and prayer.  It is very passive and receptive, and there is great work sometimes involved in the act of removing oneself from the path of information.  A rough paraphrase from a  Meister Eckhart text: "One must agree to the flow, as it rushes forth from the unmanifest, and be buoyant enough to keep up with its unfolding. Nothing can snag or delay the person awakened to the simple matter of rising to this life.  The repetition of seeing involves living life as a seer who is purified by the seeing."

I bet that Eckhart was not directly discussing the issue of seers and spirits, yet for me, his description is very pertinent.  I cannot say whether or not my experiences agree with those of other workers, as I haven't been doing this for very long, but as I develop the opportunity to perform these comparisons, you'd better believe I'll write about them.  Even if the comparisons don't seem to match, because...well, I never claimed to be psychic, but I do claim to be a experimentalist. One that documents the events.

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