Friday, October 11, 2013

Emotional Content in Scrying

Last night, it being Thursday, RO and I were doing our weekly Jupiter ritual.  This began  in a way similar to the Taphthartharath conjuration that I described recently, although it was a good deal more formal.  We donned suits, we had whiskey on hand, we worked to Mozart’s Requiem.  Like nearly every working we do, we started with the Invocation to First Father, we spoke the words from the Stele of Jeu (Invocation of the Headless God), we consecrated the crystal and incense.  As I sat in readiness, RO conjured the archangel of Jupiter, Tzadqiel and read the Orphic hymn to Jove.
RO spoke to Tzadqiel of G4J as a community, who liked this very much.  A graceful dancer appeared in the crystal, along with the heavy and electric atmosphere that we often feel.  T, who felt particularly feminine, provided me the vision of the members of the community as ballet dancers on a stage, each a perfect diamond unto themselves, but also trying to establish choreography, an organization.  A rush of love came at this point, indicating the depth of T’s regard for us all who are using the forces of Jupiter to better themselves and the world.  I wept with happiness, overwhelmed with the intensity of this feeling.  T. asked RO at least once to speak more about the Gents.

This is the first time that my seer experience has been so dominated by an emotion.  I truly felt love the way I did at church when I was a child, and not since.  I continued to weep throughout the remainder of the rite.

Still weeping, I leaned over to touch one of the cats, who had been present since the Invocation of the Headless God, purring incessantly.  As I did, an electrical and incredibly pleasurable feeling came over me.  T. whispered "what a gift it was to be incarnated."  Ah.....

Blessed be thou.

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