Saturday, March 30, 2013

Allergy symptoms and spirit manifestation?

The purpose of this blog is to provide a forum for me to discuss my adventures in spirit, of course. The historical background is important to me, to create context, to present technology the way that some other people have utilized it. Ultimately, though, the creation of a link between whatever spirit is and my consciousness is a pretty personal matter. Whenever I am talking about that, it's all me. I want to describe my experiences in a way that I hope will arouse interest in doing this kind of work, and also in a manner that will facilitate others' entrance into it. With all that in mind, here we go.

I awakened this morning with allergy symptoms. I have recently moved to the Florida panhandle, and having grown up in a place with different flora, as well as much less humidity, amount of pollen in the air is a completely new thing. I have gone from the person who says "nope, I'm not allergic to anything" to "pass the Benadryl."

I bring this up because the physical state brought on by the allergies is not dissimilar to what I feel when am acting as a seer. My head feels a little bit of pressure, my neck and upper back are wearing some tension. I feel isolated and insulated in my body. There are times when I experience a ringing in my ears. All of these factors come together to amplify any sensory experience that occurs during the rite. This is important because a significant amount of the "raw data" I acquire during the rite is actually neither visual nor auditory.

The issue of physical state when opening oneself up to what might be sensed only by being very quiet of mind and additionally very still of body will be discussed (probably ad nauseum) whilst I'm describing my role in the current rites that RO and I are doing. We're going to be doing tag-team discussions about the relationship between seer and conjuror in the near future, and much about how this all seems to work will be illuminated.

This will all begin in the next few days with (from my side) a discussion of how seership differs from "aspecting" and how my personal past has contributed to my occult abilities, preparations that I follow prior to mediumship, leading up to my actual experiences during the rites. RO will be writing about topics that more or less mirror these, but I'll leave that for him to expose.

Ladies and gentlemen, the game is afoot.


  1. Excellent blog! I'm really looking forward to hearing more discussion of your and RO's work. For the allergies, have you tried taking regular doses of local raw honey and/or seeing an acupuncturist?

    1. Hi Drowboi, and thanks for the comment! About the allergies, I have purchased and taught myself to use a neti pot, which seems to mostly do the trick. I hadn't thought about an acupuncturist, but that is a good idea. I've had lots of success with them in other arenas. :o)

  2. Thanks for this description Harper! I've thought of the pressure during rites as a bit like driving through a mountain range, where each step of the process will have its unique signature. Lighting of the lamp and opening prayers, coming up to a crest, consecrating the fire a sudden deepening of pressure...

    Looking forward to more.

    1. Hi Cole, I'm happy to hear that we process this information in so much the same way. Sometimes, it's like the spirits are sitting on my back, with varying amounts of "force" at each step of the rite. The consecration of fire is always a huge pulse of juice for me, too. Do you experience the spirits' presence as pressure? I'd love to hear you say more about that.

    2. Hi Harper, For me the presence of spirits usually proceeds through three stages that unfold. First I get the sense of their attention, like the feeling of having someone watching you. This builds into a pressure, and I've noticed most spirits feel like they're either in front of me and slightly above as on a dais, which is where I get the pressure along the sinuses and throat, or a bit further away and at level with me behind and to the right. Then the pressure remains but becomes more complex, almost textured or at a specific vibration, it's hard to describe, and the sense of the spirits perfume for a lack of a better term. The last stage becomes much more complex as I continue working with a spirit. Does that make sense to you?

      Sorry for taking so long to reply!